VISA and MasterCard Facility on First Capital Bank ATM

Visiting Zimbabwe or are you a Zimbabwean resident with off shore accounts? Cash should be the least of your worries. No matter which bank you deal with, wherever you come from, you can access your cash using First Capital Bank ATMs as long as you have MasterCard or Visa Card. With the ATM presence in major towns and cities in Zimbabwe you can enjoy real convenience.

Good news to all visitors coming to Zimbabwe!!! All that you need is a VISA card from any bank outside Zimbabwe and you have access to your account 24/7. With the largest ATM network in Zimbabwe, First Capital Bank offers real convenience. We have a presence in all major cities and towns as well as in most tourism destinations such as the mighty Victoria Falls. For a full list of our ATM locations click here: ATM locations .

Debit Cards

First Capital Bank of Zimbabwe offers debit cards to Current Account holders in the Standard, Prestige and Premier segments. For more details please visit any First Capital Bank Branch or service unit. First Capital Bank branches are conveniently located across the country in major cities and towns. For a comprehensive list of branch location click here:  Branch Locations .

ATM Usage Advice


  1. At ATM sites where guards are present, you should not approach a security guard for assistance when doing banking transactions. (Never seek assistance from security guards except to find out whether there are funds in the machines)
  2. Never force your card into the slot as it might have been tempered with.(If you are having challenges in inserting the card report to bank official or your branch manager during working hours or call 263 77 4430630 after hours )
  3. Do not use ATMs where the card slot, key pad or screen has been tempered with as this could be an attempt to get hold of your card
  4. Do not give your PIN to any one.(Never share your PIN with anyone)
  5. Do not let anyone stand too close to you when transacting at the ATM.
  6. Always shield the keypad when entering your PIN to ensure that no one can see it.
  7. If you think the ATM is faulty cancel the transaction IMMEDIATELY and report the fault to the branch and try another ATM.
  8. Scan the area for any suspicious looking characters before you approach the ATM as some fraudsters/robbers wait until you have drawn your cash to take advantage of you. Be wary of people loitering around the ATM.
  9. Avoid using ATMs in isolated locations at night.
  10. Have your card ready in your hand before you approach the ATM to avoid opening your, bag, purse or wallet while in the queue.