In First Capital Bank, our Citizenship agenda is designed to contribute to economic growth through the creation of enterprises and employment opportunities. This touches on the way we manage our business, how we deal with our people and the products that we create for our customers. Our work in local communities is an important part of our investment programmes.

First Capital Bank is committed to creating sustainable communities that support our business across the globe. In Zimbabwe, First Capital Bank is an active participant in the growth and sustainability of local communities for the past 100 years.

First Capital Bank has focused on job creation for the growth our local economy and identified Youth Development as a key area for the next few years.

First Capital Bank believes in programmes that supports knowledge transfer in areas of finance, enterprise and life skills creating an opportunity to impact employment and quality of the next generation.

In 2013, key partnerships with UNICEF and Junior Achievement Zimbabwe will directly impact more than 3000 youth and 25 000 youth indirectly. Through UNICEF, youth will be trained on financial literacy and budgeting whilst the JA programmes will focus on entrepreneurial programmes.

First Capital Bank is passionate about volunteerism. Through out the year, our colleague base of more than 600, engage local communities on small to medium scale projects by donating their time and efforts to improve the livelihood of community members.

Each year, colleagues across the globe embark on what is known as ‘Make A Difference Day’ where every First Capital Bank colleague works on a community project. More than 56 projects valued at sixty six thousand ($66 000.00) , run by over 500 employees marked 2012 MADD activities.