First Capital Bank in Zimbabwe

Operating Environment

Zimbabwe is situated in Southern Africa and is a country rich in natural resources. Its economy is based principally on agriculture, fishing, mining and manufacturing, while revenues from tourism are steadily growing. Tobacco and minerals, primarily gold, account for the larger part of its export revenue. Zimbabwe has a mix of commercial banks, building societies and microfinance providers making up the financial ecosystem.

The country benefits from particularly close economic ties with South Africa, which many international corporates regard as a potential 'gateway' into the continent.

Our operations in Zimbabwe


First Capital Bank has a major commercial banking network throughout the country with 32 branches and service centres in major cities and towns. First Capital Bank has a wide ATM network spread across the country which also accept Visa and Mastercard transactions.

First Capital Bank offers a wide range of personal products including transactional accounts, internet banking, local and international debit cards as well as insurance products among others.

Commercial products include relationship management, treasury related products, lending products, foreign exchange and transactional products among others.