Foreign Currency Accounts

  • Secure
  • Convenient
  • Reduced exchange risk
  • Reduced administration
  • Available in all major currencies

Easy access

If you need to move money rapidly, we offer a range of international payments to send your money quickly and safely to its destination.

Choice and flexibility

The account is available in all major international currencies which offer security and stability. No minimum balance is required and interest is paid on your credit balances so the more you have in the account, the more you earn.

Term deposits are also available, to help you make the most of surplus cash.

Reduced exchange risk and administration

Exchange risk and administration can be reduced by using this account to match incoming and outgoing currency funds. You won't need to convert your foreign currency income into another currency, or buy the currency required when purchasing goods or services from overseas.

Comprehensive statements

To help you keep track of all your transactions, regular detailed statements are supplied and can be made available on request.

Take advantage of the benefits a First Capital Bank  Foreign Currency Account can offer you. Talk to us today about opening an account.

*If you choose to make currency payment by cheque, always make sure in advance, that it will be accepted by your payee.