Online Security

First Capital Bank Online Banking is built using state-of-the-art technologies that provide a high degree of security. The security infrastructure comprises of firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), besides virus monitoring tools, etc. The security requirements have been implemented and audited by an international consulting firm, using internationally accepted standards and practices.

Online Banking uses 128-bit digital certificate from Verisign for encryption of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) session. SSL is the industry standard for encrypted communication and ensures that customers interaction with the Bank over the Internet is secure.

Besides technological solutions, Security is also built into the login process. Online banking enforces the use of a minimum 6 character password including characters (A-Z, a-z) as well as numbers (0-9). We also use secret question / answers to protect your online banking details.

Log in precautions

Online Banking brings you a lot of convenience! Ensure you don't ever have to regret it by following these simple, easy-to-keep tips!

Log in with caution

  • Avoid using shared computers when accessing First Capital Bank Online Banking.
  • Avoid logging into First Capital Bank Online Banking or using critical passwords at internet cafes, libraries, and other public sites to avoid the risk of information being copied and re-entered after you leave.
  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • Contact First Capital Bank immediately if you suspect your Online Banking password has been compromised.
  • Use a password on your computer to prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing your information.
  • Disable the 'AutoComplete' function within your browser.
  • Always remember to log-off Online Banking and close your browser when you have finished.

Never respond to unsolicited emails requesting that you re-validate your personal information or click on a link to a website that requires you to provide your account information. These emails may appear to come from a trusted source, but they are designed to obtain your personal financial information

Always ensure antivirus software, firewalls and other on-line protection security features are installed on your personal computer and kept up to date.

Avoid downloading software such as screen savers, games and other types of programmes from bogus websites which may contain Trojans or phishing viruses that enable hackers to monitor or steal your personal financial details.

How we protect you when using Online Banking

Secure Code

Your online security is our priority, that?s why we have developed Secure Code, a new security feature that helps us to identify that it is really you making the transactions. Secure Code is a unique code that will be sent to your mobile phone via SMS whenever you use certain features on online banking. You will be prompted to enter the Secure Code on the screen before being able to proceed. The activities that will generate a Secure Code are:

  • Registering for First Capital Bank Online banking
  • Changing a forgotten password or user name
  • Addition of beneficiaries to your registered beneficiaries address book
  • On-off transactions to unregistered beneficiaries

Virtual Keyboard

The use of Virtual Keyboard on login is one of the security features available to First Capital Bank Online Banking. With a Virtual Keyboard, you can enter your password on screen with the help of your mouse rather than your physical keyboard.

Virtual keyboards are designed to reduce the risk of programs that download themselves to your computer and create keystroke logs that can be used to gain access to your accounts. Keeping your convenience in mind, with First Capital Bank Online Banking you can opt whether to enter your password using the Virtual Keyboard or switch it off. From a security perspective, we recommend that you always use Virtual Keyboard when logging in.

Virtual keyboards are an important component in securing your online banking experience however they do not prevent malicious programs being downloaded to the computer though so you should always have an update to date virus scanner and firewall on your computer.

Our System Security

Data encryption:

Our Online Banking service is hosted on a secure, 128-bit encrypted server. This means that any information you send us is encoded for your protection.

Timed logout:

Online Banking logs you out if you don't use the service for 10 minutes. This gives you added protection if you forget to log yourself out. Deactivation of your login details:

Deactivation of your login details:

We'll automatically disable your access to Online Banking if three incorrect attempts are made to log in using your details. This is to stop fraudsters making repeated attempts to get into your accounts.

What should I do if I?ve fallen victim to fraud on my First Capital Bank Account?

Contact us on 0800 4216 immediately if you think you are or may be a victim of fraud on your First Capital Bank cards or accounts. If you have received a suspicious email that claims to be from us, please forward it to bbzim.basis@barclays.com and then delete the email immediately.